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Our Story

Welcome to Maison Sasha, a haven of beauty, wellness, and transformation. Since our beginnings on the 24th of October, 1995, nestled in the heart of Curepipe, Mauritius, we have strived to create a sanctuary where inner and outer beauty unite.

Maison Sasha was founded by the visionary CEO and esteemed hair maestro, Sasha Mosafeer. Fuelled by a profound passion for the art of hairstyling and a desire to bring joy to people's lives, Sasha poured his heart and soul into the salon, transforming it into an oasis of style and elegance. Little did he know that this journey would become an emotional odyssey.

In the pursuit of excellence, Sasha's unwavering commitment attracted the radiant Pascaline Mosafeer, Sasha's beloved wife and a devoted philanthropist, who soon became an integral part of Maison Sasha's story. Together, they cultivated an environment that celebrated the beauty within every individual, embracing diversity and inspiring self-confidence.

As time passed, Maison Sasha blossomed, growing into a family of 4 branches and more than a 100 passionate individuals dedicated to their craft. Each member of our extraordinary team shares a deep understanding that their role extends beyond hairstyling and beauty services; it is about connecting with the very essence of our cherished clients.

Driven by the profound belief that knowledge empowers both the giver and the receiver, Maison Sasha opened its doors to a prestigious hair and beauty school on the 2nd of July, 2012. This transformative endeavor created an opportunity to pass on the wisdom and skills accumulated over years of experience, nurturing the next generation of talented artisans.

At Maison Sasha, our purpose extends beyond mere aesthetics. We believe in the power of transformation, the ability of a single touch or a sincere smile to ignite the spark of self-love. We strive to create a haven where our clients can unwind, rejuvenate, and discover their inner-self. 

-Uniquely Beautiful

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